RIDD 12.5% liquid is a potent miticide effective against both sarcoptic and demodectic mange in dogs, cats, and large animals. RIDD also controls ticks, fleas, and lice infestation in animals. It also controls earsore, humpsore and tailsore dermatitis and mange in buffaloes, cattle, small ruminants, and wild animals.


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  • Provimi Animal Health


  • Ticks / Mange Mites / Lice

Ridd Anti Tick And Flea Solution For

Ridd solution has high penetrability to uproot the parasites. At the same time, the solution does not contain any harmful chemicals, which helps to maintain the quality of their coat. It essentially works by cutting off oxygen supply from these parasites thus forcing them to leave your dog’s coat. Start using the solution from the ears or head area and gradually move towards the other parts of the body.


  • High penetration of solution
  • Removes all parasites and fleas
  • Provides relief from redness and itch
  • Cuts the oxygen supply of parasites
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals


Quantity – 6 ml
Form – Liquid
Dosage – One application per week is advised. Dilution is to be done as follows (per litre of water):

  • Ticks & fleas – 2ml,
  • Mange – 3 – 4 ml


  • Should not be used in pups under 4 months of age .
  • In Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, Poodles – half the dosage to be used


  • Clip the hairs
  • Bath the animal with soap/shampoo and water
  • Pat dry with a towel
  • Make a dip concentrate as per dosage
  • Apply the solution all over the body and on the affected area liberally with thorough scrubbing. Allow it to dry
  • Do not give bath for a week after application


Store in cool dry place