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Cell-Pet Junior®

Oxygen, Minerals, Enzymes And Amino Acids

Cell-pet Junior
Cell-Pet Junior® photo
  • Brand(s): Cell-Pet Junior
  • Manufacturer: CellFood
  • Disease(s): Itching / Hair Loss / Wounds And Skin Problems

Cell Pet® Junior is a liquid concentrate that consists of colloidal minerals and nutritional supplements. It should be added to the drinking water of your pet on a daily basis. It develops bones, facilitates digestion, boosts the immunity system.

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Cell Pet Junior

What is this product

Oxygen for Life Junior Cell Pet Supplement for Pets is the perfect and must have products for puppies. This is oxygen mineral supplement in liquid state and comes in a colloidal form. This product is 95% absorbed directly into the blood stream. It does not have any side effects.
The magical supplement is a potent combination of minerals, metabolic enzymes and amino acids. The administrations for this is simple just mix it with your pet’s drinking water and your pet will easily take it. This supplement will help to improve the luster of your coat. The extra oxygen helps to improve the digestion in your pet. The Cell pet supplement will also help to reduce lethargy among pets and remove any distress. It gives a boost to the immunity system, which helps to ward of diseases. This is very easy to useful and shows fast results. It assists in the development of bones as well.


  • 95% absorption into blood stream
  • Develops bones
  • Facilitates in digestion
  • Boosts immunity system


  • Quantity – 10 ml
  • Form – Liquid
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